Overview of the course

The word Essential means “of absolute necessity”, and it is in that view that we have designed this course.The essential module is designed to uncompromisingly deliver a thorough understanding of the imperative rules and methods of learning English.
As our belief goes, a studentcan only speak in English when he tries to speak in English, and usually the case is that people don’t speak because they are afraid of speakingincorrectly or inaccurately in English. Our Essential module intends to fulfil this purpose of making a candidate more confident and comfortable in their journey of learning Spoken English

The course lays its focus on enabling students to not just memorise the language but understand its framework and structure. Understanding this framework will help you to contemplate and reflect your ideas in English. This framework will also function as the groundwork upon which your strong and effective communication will build itself.
Embark with us on a journey of 2 monthsin learning the essentials of English. Click here to enquire about the course and know more.

Contents of the Course

1. Day to Day Words

In this book we introduce students to beginner level words to help them gain a foothold on routinely used vocabulary. Afterall, the first step in learning any language is knowing the basic words.

2. Essentials of Grammar (Basic)

Continuing from our “Day to Day words” we move onto our book one of “Essentials of Grammar”. With the knowledge of entry level words and primary grammar rules, one can begin to form sentences and already start speaking in English.

3. Essentials of Grammar (Advanced)

Our book two of “Essentials of Grammar” focuses on students becoming even more stronger with the representation of their idea; parts of speeches and their positioning in a sentence. By the end of this book we expect students to start communicating in English. The Art of Translation The next book in succession is our translation book. The purpose of this book is to not just translate a specific language to English but to be able to start thinking in English. The art of translation is the ability to develop your ideas in English and this book serves as the perfect tool.

4. Conversation: Scenarios & Practices

The end goal of anyone learning this language is to be able to converse in English. Our Conversation book provides you with entry level scenarios to common situations and what to speak in such situations.

5. Test your Grammar

As they say “practise makes perfect”, most of us know the importance of practice but don’t know where to start form. Don’t worry! we have made it very simple for you. The “Test your Grammar” book is a systematically sequenced book,based on the grammar books, for practicing grammar. After each chapter just head onto the Test your Grammar book and start practising.

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